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Buyong Hwang is a contemporary Korean painter. "The Dancers" series gives the impression of vivid colors and catchy lines of smooth and rhythmical strength based on descriptions of white silhouette. His works are the footprints of a simple crystal. Viewers will feel as if they were watching lightning and thunder. And they will take a bit of time to sort out their initial powerful impressions. Expressing the surging fortunes of life and the swelling of the liver, his work expresses human desires. As a symbol or a trademark, his work is not art for art's sake but art focusing on humanity's everyday feelings. It is the purpose of the paintings to provide a sense of healing and belief in the emotions like talisman which is used to prevent misfortune. Buyong Hwang was born in Busan Korea in 1951 at the southeast edge of the Korean peninsula. He studied visual communication design and MFA at the College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University. He started as a graphic designer in 1975 at the age of 24. He was awarded the 2nd prize at the International Poster Salon sponsored by IAA-UNESCO in Paris France in 1987. He became a professional painter since 2009 after finishing a 33-year career in graphic design in Korea. He held two solo exhibitions, in 2011 at the Seoul Arts Center and in 2015 at the Seoul Sun Gallery.


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